Ebook Review: Auction Profit Streams


File Size: 904kb Zipped, 1,003kb Unzipped.

Number of Pages: 53

Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

Subject: A guide to setting up multiple income streams using eBay.

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John Thornhill (aka eBay PowerSeller PlanetSMS) has been selling information products on eBay for many years and has over 10,000 positive feedback comments. He also runs the successful PlanetSMS Newsletter which provides valuable tips to those selling ebooks on eBay.


Inside Auction Profit Streams, the author John Thornhill explains how to use eBay to create multiple income streams which are almost fully automated. With each of the income streams he outlines, John also provides proof of his earnings for that method. The topics covered inside Auction Profit Streams include:

· Building a list of Subscribers!!

· The importance of MULTIPLE streams of income!!

· Your most valuable asset and how to maintain it!!

· The Pros and Cons of Resell Rights!!

· The best subjects for Ebooks!!

· How to create your very own Ebook!!

· Selling your eBook Successfully!!

· How to make money WITHOUT your own Product!!

· Profiting from Private Label Content!!

· Becoming an Expert in your field!!

John begins his ebook by explaining the importance of building a mailing list. Throughout the ebook he also suggests potential ways to build your mailing list. Although he doesn’t go into great detail on how to build your mailing list, the point John makes is very valid. With a mailing list you get a potential customer for life which is one of the most important assets you can have. Overall, Auction Profit Streams does offer enough information for you to get your own mailing list started, although there are better ebooks on the topic. However, since this isn’t the main topic of the ebook I feel it is one that John covers more than adequately considering the subject matter.

In the next chapter John moves on to describe your most valuable asset – your eBay feedback. In this section John describes how to keep your feedback above 99% positive. He outlines methods he uses and provides actual examples. John also explains how to get negative feedback removed if need be. This chapter contains very good information and John’s excellent feedback record proves that not only does he use this information himself, but that it is effective.

After a description of why you should be selling information products, John then moves on to the benefits of selling ebooks with resell rights. These are not the typical benefits you would expect such as being easy to obtain, easy to sell or that they are an easy way to make money. Instead John describes the benefits of creating and selling your own ebook which are much more powerful than those already outlined. It is largely because of this section that I have started putting more of an effort into writing my own ebooks with resell rights. John then finishes the chapter with tips on how to make sure your ebook with resell rights sells well. Overall this is an excellent chapter and a real gem for ebook sellers on eBay.

In the next chapter John attempts to answer the question ‘What should I write about?’ In this section he includes a list of information product best sellers. Although this information is good, it is probably information you have read in multiple ebooks before. Therefore, I felt this chapter wasn’t as strong as the previous chapters in Auction Profit Streams.

Following this John moves on to describe how to create your very own ebook. He begins by explaining how to effectively research your chosen ebook topic. Using the fictional topic of “Dog Training” (a topic which John knows nothing about) he shows step-by-step, the process he would follow to research the topic and includes screenshots. John follows this up by writing about how to devise an effective title, what information you should actually put in your ebook and finally how to compile it. This topic is covered very well within this chapter. Although ebooks such as eBay Auction Income Streams and The One Month Magnate go into more detail on the topic, that is the only thing they focus on. This is just one of many sections in Auction Profit Streams, and therefore I feel John has done a great job of writing down everything you need to do when creating your own ebook. Not only does he cover the basics of creating your ebook but he also includes some additional ideas, allowing your ebook to make you even more money.

Next Auction Profit Streams moves on to describe how to sell your ebook. First, John covers pricing your ebook. He outlines the approximate prices you should be charging depending on what you are trying to achieve with your ebook. Then John tells you how to create a top selling auction title and auction listing/sales page. The auction design tips include; how to design attractive HTML auctions (with links to the relevant tools you will need), what to include in your listing, what not to include in your listing and which fonts and colours to use. Since I have been selling ebooks on eBay for some time a lot of this information is not new to me. However, this chapter is extremely detailed and full of useful information for those who do not know how to design attractive HTML auctions or who do not have much experience selling ebooks on eBay. Furthermore, John provides lots of useful tools for the beginner who may struggle with auction listing design. Overall, the information in this chapter is very detailed and very useful, just not so applicable to the more advanced ebook seller.

In the next chapter John moves on to describe how to promote your products and/or your brand, both before and after a sale. These promotional methods are all effective and free. Although I knew about some of the promotional methods John outlined already, they are still very useful for the beginner. However, John’s focus on how to maximise the effectiveness of your download page contained a lot of new information for me. Prior to reading this ebook I used to just distribute the download link to customers when a sale was made. However, now I direct customers to a download page as I realise the importance of it in a promotional sense. Overall, I found this section very insightful and I learnt something new from it. The information was very valuable to me, even though I have been selling ebooks on eBay for a number of years.

John then moves on to write in detail about private label content and how he uses it. This chapter is again very detailed and in particular the latter section is my favourite. At the moment I do not use private label content, although after reading this section I am likely to start in the near future. At the end of the chapter John outlines how private label content can be used to generate a monthly recurring income which increases each month, an idea I will definitely be following up. In conclusion I found this chapter to be another insightful one from John and full of ideas which I had not considered before.

Auction Profit Streams finishes with the chapters; ‘How to become an expert in your field’, ‘Tips, Tricks, Methods and Secrets’, ‘More Money Making Ideas’ and a ‘Step by Step Guide to creating an Income Stream.’ These mainly sum up the ideas in the ebook and provide the reader with a few additional tips, although they do conclude the ebook nicely.

Overall, I found Auction Profit Streams to be an extremely informative text. Even as an eBay ebook seller of some years I still found new ideas in the ebook which have helped me. The ebook is also very well laid out, and flows in a way so that you can implement the ideas as you read. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced eBay ebook seller, I am sure you will find some new ideas inside Auction Profit Streams. My only criticism of the ebook is that in certain areas John suggests getting a website and mailing list, but does not describe where you would go to get these tools. Although this is not a problem which affects me, I could imagine relative beginners not knowing where to search for these. Also, some of the information is repeated in John’s newsletter and previous ebooks, although to his credit John does state this inside Auction Profit Streams. Despite these minor criticisms, I would recommend Auction Profit Streams to anyone selling information products on eBay as a must read.


· Provides you with ideas to create multiple income streams using eBay.

· Very good information for eBay ebook sellers who are beginners and some new ideas for the more experienced eBay ebook sellers.

· The chapter on selling ebooks with resell rights is very informative.

· The section on the importance of the download page provided me with fresh new ideas.

· The section on private label content will be very useful to me in the future and was a real eye opener.


· There are some promotional methods that John misses out on e.g. Google Adwords.

· If you have been subscribed to John’s newsletter for some time and/or purchased some of his products, then some of the information in Auction Profit Streams will be repeated.

· No links to website hosting and mailing list companies are provided.


The main thing I gained from Auction Profit Streams is the importance of the download page. Previously, I sent customers a link to the actual file for them to download. However, now I send customers to a download page as not only does it look more professional, but it also provides an excellent promotional opportunity. I have also been educated on the value of private label content, and I am sure I will be taking advantage of it in the near future. Furthermore, I am now putting greater effort into writing my own content, as Auction Profit Streams has really outlined the value of this to me. Overall, I have gained significantly from Auction Profit Streams, particularly compared to other ebooks I have reviewed.