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That much I know. It was brown in color and looked directly at us. I want to thank Dustin for having me on and allowing me to post the interview. He looked at me and than started doing this mouth popping and clicking sound. I just kind of looking at them. I have attached my experience: I would hear his car coming down the gravel road after me and I would go off road into the ditch, and hide.

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This thing was massive, it went nuts.

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Then this individual took two steps and crossed the road right in front of us. It was like this beast woman was trying to figure out what to do with me. Its arms where out in front of it as it moved side to side scratching its back. He did some time in jail and prison. We all got in the truck and started driving down the hill. I saw what I thought was a black guy walking towards me. After finally, and seemingly purposely stepping out from his tree and allowing us a good ten second look at him he eased back behind the tree and stood there silently for enough time to pass my friend and I went back up under the cliff.


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